Coachella in your Late-Twenties…

photo (14)

Congratulations, you survived.  

Top Ten Late-Twenties thoughts on Coachella:

1)  Telling work that I was “staycationing” is probably not believable at this point


2) Uber (I usually love you), but I hate you for what you did to me at Coachella. Hate.

photo 1
3) I need to shower with these on? Do I really need this much validation?

photo 4

4) Is this real life right now?

photo 3 (2)

5) Am I pulling this off?

photo 3

6) There are people getting IDs checked in front of me that were born in the 90’s


7) Homegirl, please don’t fall on me


8) Coconut water, Pedialyte, Advil, Emergen-c, Netipot, yes Netipot

photo 1

9) Pharrel, I just love you. #pharrelisavampire

10) Even in my late twenties,  there is still one constant…Nights ending in Del Taco

photo 5
And that’s a wrap.

Ruth in late-twenties- 1, Coachella – 0

Hotel: The Saguaro
Week: 1
Advils: 4
Times I thought about throwing in the towel: 2

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