World Cup Brazil

We are one month away from the highly anticipated 20th FIFA World Cup hosted in Brazil. I’ve gotten a few requests to highlight this huge international event which only occurs every four years, so here’s are some mind-blowing pictures and a few highlights to feed your inner-wanderlust.


I’m usually a big fan of trying to bring my travel plans together myself, but with big events like this, I’d recommend finding a reliable company that can give you the type of experience that you are looking for. With big events, come BIG time logistics: Cities at capacity, Hard to secure tickets, Complex transportation.


If your looking for a world-class, World Cup experience, here’s a company to look into: Beck and Score.

I had an opportunity to connect with Beck and Score’s CEO Chris Stone to chat with him on his concierge travel company which provides their clients amazing experiences centered around the most sought-after, exclusive worldwide sporting events.  When discussing their access and custom-built World Cup experience, Stone stated, “The designation makes us an exclusive source for Ticket-inclusive Hospitality Packages, which can be paired with a curated event experience, offering the most luxurious and one-of-a-kind travel itineraries, including private transportation, accommodations and excursions in Brazil.”


Yes, please. Sign me up.



steve nash

Basketball fan? They even offer a package where you can watch a game alongside NBA All-Star Steve Nash and play in a 5 vs. 5 soccer game with him.

I’m loving this take on a concierge travel centered around an amazing World Cup experience.

Beck and Score is a members only experience, so please feel free to use this code: E459PY to register here


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2 responses to “BRAZIL: FIFA World Cup

  1. Just 8 days to go and can’t wait for the tournament. It is also very exciting that the tournament is in Brazil the home of football.


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