7 Tips for Surviving a Red-Eye Flight

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Got a red-eye coming up? Do you avoid red-eye flights because you know they kick your butt or ruin your trip? I just got back from 10 days in NYC and successfully didn’t have a red-eye ruin the start of my trip for the first time.  Enjoy the quick tips!

  1. Set your clock to the time of the destination that you are flying to rather than changing it when you get there. It will help you better adjust to the time changes.
  2. Put away the electronics. Yes, your iphone, ipad, android, laptop, etc. It’s going to be ok. You are going to be happy that you slept vs. completed 20 more levels on Candy Crush.
  3. Arm rest real estate. Don’t trust the smiling face next to you on your flight. The first one that gets to put their elbows on the back of the arm rest wins.
  4. The window seat is clutch, first, to put your pillow against to sleep and second to see the killer sunrise as you arrive.                                                                                  Image
  5. When you get to the airport at your destination, wash your face and brush your teeth. Seems gross, but you will feel a million times better. If you are in a place where you don’t trust the water, go buy a bottle of water and perform this in the nearest bathroom before starting your day.
  6. And in case of a sleepy emergency: A 28 Min Power Nap. I did this twice on my trip and it was amazing how energizing it was. There is a bunch of neuroscience research on why that amount of time is ideal. I don’t have the PhD’s to get into this, but it really made me feel great and allowed me to carry on with my day or night!
  7. Coffee, concealer, and sunglasses are your friends. Commit to getting on with your day to start maximizing your trip.                                                                               photo (16)

Here is a Bonus: 8. I notoriously fall asleep with my mouth open. It’s super embarrassing and now I’m just going to embrace it. You will likely never see the people on your flight again! 🙂

Happy Travels,

8 responses to “7 Tips for Surviving a Red-Eye Flight

  1. The wash up is always wonderful! I make sure I bring an eye mask and ear plugs too. I seem to be the one in front of the screaming baby. Or the ladies that want to talk all night. Or…
    Sometimes I use the free “sleep machine” app to drown out the noise. I use the cricket loop.


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