In a New York 10

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The expression “In a New York Minute” comes from the fast pace of the city itself or the hectic way people operate with the intensity and electricity that the city provides.  I have this crazy love affair with NYC. Every time I visit, (which I believe is around 10 times at this point) something moves me in an intense and amazing way.

Here are the 10 feelings generated by my 10  (“touristy”) favorite things to do in NYC. Something draws me to them every time I visit and I believe you can draw deep appreciations for what each place offers a tourist or NYC expert. Enjoy!

1. Electricity: Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge (Recommend starting from the Brooklyn side and walking to Manhattan)


2. Connected: Connected with People, Connected with Nature, Connected with the City, Connected with Myself. I do this by walking anywhere and everywhere. The best way to feel the city and it’s vibes, people, and energy is to connect with it by walking and experiencing everything it has to offer. Connect with a new friend, an old friend, an acquaintance, anyone that lives in the City, even if it’s been years.

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3. Exhilarated: The Subway. The feeling of the subway as it races towards the platform is exhilarating and euphoric. I actually didn’t know that the subway was approaching as I was having a “ballerina moment” that my friend was capturing, but you can see the exhalation/euphoria in my expression. Standing too close to the platform is not recommended. I actually freaked out a little when I saw this photo and saw how close my hand was to the subway!!

photo 2 (1)

4. Centered: In a literal sense of being at the center of a large city or beautiful view, but also centered as a person.  Love spending time in the beautiful parks that NYC has to offer to enjoy the beauty and reflect. Favorite Parks: Bryant ParkWashington Square ParkCentral Park and not a park, but awesome: Top of the Rockefeller Center (Pictured).

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5. Free:  “Top of the Rock” (Rockefeller Center). Catch a glimpse at the history of the building and a trip to the top for one of the most epic 360 degree views that the city has to offer.


6. Determined: Whether it’s navigating subway stations or challenging someone to chess at Washington Square Park, there is something about NYC that toughens you up and makes you feel like you can take on the world. I dig that.

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7. Freaking Hungry: Every time I gauge how awesome my NYC trip was, I first count how many times I had late-night pizza at 4 am.  Maybe it was the dancing and the vodka drinks that made me a food monster, but I actually said “I’d give my right arm for a slice of pizza right now”. From late night pizza or falafel, to hand-crafted specialty drinks, to the amazing restaurants you can practically trip over while searching for a good place to eat, you will not be disappointed.  West Village pictured below…personally one of my favorite places to eat, drink, and roam.

photo (22)

8. LoveCentral Park. No real explanation needed. I never once miss an opportunity to walk through the park.

image (4)

image (5)

image (6)

9. Bliss: The Highline, I’ve walked the high line (1-mile New York City linear park built on the former New York Central Railroad) the last four times I have been to NYC. The only thing I will note about this last time is that I am mildly disappointed that it is becoming far too crowded to enjoy it’s uniqueness and beauty, but I still absolutely recommend it.

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10. Inspired: The Met (The Metropolitan Museum of Art), This is a view from the rooftop where we ended our visit with a cold Brooklyn Lager. The museum offers great exhibits, phenomenal rooms that inspire, and amazing permanent collections.

image (3)

Hope you enjoyed my favorite city in the US. Hope you find love, inspiration, and a feeling of being centered as you explore the City!

What are your favorite things to do in NYC?

Happy Travels,

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