Top 10 Trekking Moments (To Machu Picchu)


If Machu Picchu is on your bucket list and you are in good physical shape, do yourself a huge favor and DO THE TREK. It’s an unbelievable experience.

Here are my Top 10 Trekking Moments/Thoughts from the 4-Day Salkantay Trail to Machu Picchu…We hiked over 40 miles through the Andes Mountains, a cloud forest, and mountain jungle, and up to 15,300 feet of altitude. We slept in tents under glaciers, blew out a few knees, but we did it, and boy was it worth it.

1. Day 1 Trekking through the Andes Mountains (3,400 M, 11,200 feet)

  • “Yay!! Here we go…This is going to be so FUN”
  • “My hair is clean and I have my new Nike gear on…“MACHU PICCHU HERE I COME!


2. Day 1 Trekking through the Andes Mountains (3,450 M, 11,300 Feet) 30 min later

  • “So, this seems safe…I guess I should fall left into the water system vs. down the entire mountain”
  • “Wow, this is absolutely beautiful…


3. Day 1 Trekking through the Andes Mountains up to Humantay Lake (4,270 M, 14,009 feet):

  • “Is it embarrassing if I admit to people that I’m already really feeling the effects of hiking in the altitude?”
  • “Holy smokes, we are climbing up loose rocks at a 45 degree angle”
  • “Is it really starting to hail??”
  • “Wow we made it, this actually may be the most beautiful place I have ever seen in my life.”


4. Day 2, Waking up at the base of Humantay Mountain (3,850 M, 12,631 Feet)

  • (In a sub zero sleeping bag in a tent) “For the first time in my life, I just breathed heavily on my deodorant to try and warm it up in fear of feeling any colder”
  • “So, there is ice completely covering our tent”
  • “Ok, time to get pumped is supposed to be the HARDEST day of the trek…Go kick some butt


5. Day 2 Trekking the Andes Mountains to Salkantay Pass (Climbing 12,631 feet to 15,256 feet)

  • “Game time…Time to go own this mountain.”


6. Day 2 Trekking the Andes Mountains to Salkantay Pass (Climbing to 15,256 feet)

  • (Gasping for air as I take each step upwards, putting all my weight on my walking sticks) “S***, I actually might not make it”
  • “Why am I needing to stop every 5 feet to gasp for air? I thought I was in good physical shape”
  • “Maybe now might be a good time to tell our trekking guide that I grew up with severe asthma? NO EXCUSES, GET TO THE TOP.”


7.  Day 2 Trekking through the Andes Mountains, At the Top of Salkantay Pass (4,650 M, 15,256 Feet)

  • “Time to pay my respect to Pachamama (Mother Earth) and thank her for not killing me”


8. Trekking through the Andes Mountains into a ‘Cloud Forest’ (Descending from 15,256 feet to 9,350 feet)

  • “WOOOOO downhill!!; 6 miles down, 9 more to go…”
  • “Fight On”
  • “So what exactly is a ‘Cloud Forest’?”
  • “Is this real life??”


9. Day 3: Mountain Jungle (Descending 9,350 feet to 6,560 feet)

  • “Who’s muscles are sore??; Stretch time…Delirium…”
  • “This seems perfectly safe…”
  • “How awesome is our guide? Henry is making a natural pan flute out of bamboo from the jungle!”


10. Day 4 Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu (7,970 feet, 8,924 feet respectively)

  • “We made it!!!!!!!!”
  • “Machu Picchu is as absolutely breathtaking as you imagine it would be!!!” (Full Machu Picchu post to come…)


A special thank you and love for my “TREKKING FAMILIA” (USA, France, Belgium, and Italy in the house). I am so thankful for each and every one of you. You made the experience unforgettable. WE DID IT. #HenrysChampions

Salkantay Trek

This was definitely one of the most amazing, challenging experiences of my life, but I cannot say enough wonderful things about our decision to do the trek!! The Salkantay Trail rocks!!

Need help packing for this trip? Read about my packing list and recommendations for the trek!

Who has trekked to Machu Picchu?? If you have, please share your experiences in comment box below, I’d love to hear about it!


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