A humble thank you!


I was just informed that it is my blog’s 1 year Anniversary!  Starting to write about travel was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made. It started with a few jokes from friends saying “Ruth, can you just write all of this down for me so that when I go to ______, I’ll know what to do?” to becoming one of my favorite hobbies and passions.

It’s a CRAZY and HUMBLING experience to see that this site has been viewed by people in 92 different countries. I cannot explain how much it fills my heart with joy to see people enjoying one of my greatest passions. I love reading your comments, answering your questions, and seeing how generous “strangers” can be sharing tips or inviting me to visit their country.

A very sincere thank you to those have supported me: my amazing husband, incredible friends, and the wonderful followers that I feel like are friends at this point, I am SO thankful for you.

This past year brought be in striking distance from a pride of lions in Sabi Sands (South Africa), to my best friend’s wedding in Turks and Caicos, to trekking through the Andes Mountains (Peru) to Machu Picchu and more.  It’s been incredible sharing the experiences with everyone and I cannot wait to see what the next adventure brings!



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