Tromso, Norway: The Northern Lights

IMG_1952.JPGIMG_2087.JPG Not only is Tromsø a darling town with charming, colorful houses built on hills overlooking the harbor, it’s a magnificent spot to see the Northern Lights! If the Northern Lights are on your bucket list, I highly recommend Tromso as a great spot to view them. Of course nature is going to have to give you a gift, but the ones that we saw the first night were absolutely phenomenal. I may never see a natural phenomenon of that caliber again!

Here is the quick recap of Days 2-4 of my around the world trip in Tromsø, Norway in the Arctic Circle. Each day I’ll be recapping the high and low point of each day along with answering a question about my RTW trip.

Day 2 Three Minute Video Recap
Day 3 Three Minute Video Recap
Day 4 One Minute Video Recap

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Highlights of the Day: Nothing may ever top the Northern Lights!!!! This is what we came here to see, so everything else was a bonus! We were lucky to see them on both nights and boy did we get a show!

Special thank you to Delphin from Arctic Explorers based in Tromso, Norway for such a magical experience!! Here is the link to Arctic explorers website.

Learn from my mistakes!: There is nothing open on Sundays, so be prepared to eat ahead of time or plan on eating a $30 Burger King Meal like I did!

Best Local Spot: There was a great local food festival where I got to try some great traditional foods like Lefsa, which is a delicious dessert and some freeze dry meals that we ate while seeing the Northern Lights that were shockingly delicious. My favorite one was Chicken Tikka Masala!IMG_0129.JPG
Great view: Cable Car to the top of the Mountain that looks over Tromso. This is best viewed when there isn’t a hail storm!!

IMG_2080.JPGNext up: Read about Odda, Norway to hike Trolltunga! Need a reason? See below:IMG_0154.JPG


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