Tromso, Norway: The Northern Lights

IMG_1952.JPGIMG_2087.JPG Not only is Tromsø a darling town with charming, colorful houses built on hills overlooking the harbor, it’s a magnificent spot to see the Northern Lights! If the Northern Lights are on your bucket list, I highly recommend Tromso as a great spot to view them. Of course nature is going to have to give you a gift, but the ones that we saw the first night were absolutely phenomenal. I may never see a natural phenomenon of that caliber again!

Here is the quick recap of Days 2-4 of my around the world trip in Tromsø, Norway in the Arctic Circle. Each day I’ll be recapping the high and low point of each day along with answering a question about my RTW trip.

Day 2 Three Minute Video Recap
Day 3 Three Minute Video Recap
Day 4 One Minute Video Recap

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Highlights of the Day: Nothing may ever top the Northern Lights!!!! This is what we came here to see, so everything else was a bonus! We were lucky to see them on both nights and boy did we get a show!

Special thank you to Delphin from Arctic Explorers based in Tromso, Norway for such a magical experience!! Here is the link to Arctic explorers website.

Learn from my mistakes!: There is nothing open on Sundays, so be prepared to eat ahead of time or plan on eating a $30 Burger King Meal like I did!

Best Local Spot: There was a great local food festival where I got to try some great traditional foods like Lefsa, which is a delicious dessert and some freeze dry meals that we ate while seeing the Northern Lights that were shockingly delicious. My favorite one was Chicken Tikka Masala!IMG_0129.JPG
Great view: Cable Car to the top of the Mountain that looks over Tromso. This is best viewed when there isn’t a hail storm!!

IMG_2080.JPGNext up: Read about Odda, Norway to hike Trolltunga! Need a reason? See below:IMG_0154.JPG


9 responses to “Tromso, Norway: The Northern Lights

    • Lucky you! We did get to see a decent amount of red/pink. The first night was absolutely incredible. It was like the entire sky opened up and in came blasts of light covering the entire sky. Then, it started dancing and moving all throughout the sky! We felt so fortunate. Where are you from originally? I bet you never got sick of seeing that amazing scene!


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