Service: Hitlist App

I am all about products and services that make our lives easier and inspire us to go out into the world and see what we want to see.

I love this new app called “Hitlist”. All that you need do is set your home airport, select the cities that are on your Hitlist” (bucket list) that you wish to visit, and Hitlist will do the work for you to let you know when the best deals and times of year are to make your travel dreams come true! This is great for the spontaneous side of you, since it will email you great deals that you can take advantage of. You can even connect on Facebook and see if you have a friend that has added a city to their Hitlist so you can go on an adventure together!

Underrated part of the app: This app tells you if you have friends living in the cities on your Hitlist? I have not found a easy way until this app to see where my friends and old acquaintances are living around the world.

Love what this app is doing to tap into our spontaneous sides and get people checking off their bucket lists!

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