Hotel: The White Palace (Crete, Greece)

white palace

The White Palace, A Grecotel Resort

I cannot stop raving about my experience here!!

In the charming Venetian port town of Rethymno in Crete, The White Palace by Grecotel Resorts offers a five-star, luxury experience with unparalleled service, incredible Greek Cuisine, and rooms that open up to the sea.

This hotel has a wide range from affordable luxury, to high-end luxury to meet your budget and desires. You can find rooms at $150/night or you can splurge a little at $900/night and go for a night swim in your private pool and have a glass of wine to watch the sunset from your private patio.

I chose this area because it was near the town of Rethmyno and also had access to Crete’s best beaches which are in the western and southern parts of Crete. I’d choose this same spot over and over again!

More on Crete: Crete is must do for anyone who enjoys secluded, untouched beaches, amazing food, and a fascinating blend of Mediterranean cultures. Here are the top places to make the most of what Crete has to offer.


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