7 Fitness Travel Hacks (Bikini.com)

Bora boraKeeping your bikini body in tact while traveling can be tough. Here are some tips from our very own Wanderlust expert (and two-time Miss California Swimsuit Winner) on how this keeps her bikini body toned while traveling the world with these travel fitness hacks.

1) In the City: Every step counts. Whether you are in the streets of New York, Copenhagen, or Tokyo, the best way to soak in the energy of the city is to walk around. I always wear a Fitbit/Fuel Band and target 20,000+ steps when I’m in a walkable City.  Skip the metro for those four blocks and get moving!
2) Namaste on the Road: Yoga is an universal language. Plus after five minutes in, it’s really easy to pick up when the instructor says “inhale, exhale” no matter what the language. Yoga on the road is a great way to feel like a local, stretch tight travel muscles, and get a good sweat. Here’s a tip: A lot of yoga studios give you a first class free! 
3) Be resourceful: Buy the largest water bottle that you can find and use it like you would a free weight in your hotel room. Bicep curls, triceps tone ups above your head, and squats. Afterwards, drink it! Chances are that you are dehydrated from traveling. (I use my ring as a dehydration gauge since swelling is a sign of dehydration).
4) On the Water: Have fun with your favorite water activity or uncover a new love while you travel. Kayaking, Snorkeling, Scuba, or Paddleboarding are all great ways to have fun and be active!
5) Wall push ups: Put your feet together and stand a few feet from the wall in your room. Place your hands against the wall and do some push ups. Keep it small, ten a day is better than none! 
6) Abs on the hotel chair: Don’t want to lay on your hotel floor to do your abs? I don’t blame you. Take a seat, grab the bottom sides of your chair,bend your knees at a 90 degree angle and bring them up towards the ceiling. Repeat with straight legs. I love this quick tone up before rocking my favorite bikini on the beach!
7) Create silly games: I love gelato. The only thing that stopped me from eating a scoop of salted Carmel gelato everytime I walked by a gelato stand in Italy was to create a game. In my game, I would spend my day walking around the city trying to not look like a tourist a look natural, if someone thought I was a local and asked for directions, I’d treat myself to gelato! 🙂
Check out the full article and photos on Bikini.com!

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