Travel Tuesday: Videos and Recommendations by Country – Norway

Here are the videos by country from my three-month trip around the world. Enjoy the highlights and recommendations! Stay tuned for a new country each week.

This week’s Country: NORWAY.


Norway Day 1 (RTW#2): Tromsø, Norway: Day One Northern Lights “Chase”


  • Recommendation: We got to experience a great Food Festival in Downtown Tromsø on the Friday that we were there
  • Recommendation: Go on a Northern Lights “Chase” to catch your best chance at seeing the Northern Lights

Norway Day 2 (RTW#3): Tromsø, Norway: What to Pack for a Northern Lights Trip 


  • What to pack for a northern lights trip
  • Recommendation: Clarion Hotel With (Hotel)

Norway Day 3 (RTW#4): Tromsø, Norway: Cable Car 


  • Recommendation: The Cable Car (Fjellheisen) on a CLEAR DAY
  • Tip: NO restaurants are open for lunch on Sunday. We were stuck with the only option: A $30 Burger King Meal

Norway Day 4 (RTW#5) Eidsfjord, Norway: Drive from Bergen to Trolltunga 


  • Recommendation: Take the scenic route from Bergen to Odda or Eidsfjord and plan plenty of time to stop and take photos of the fjords and waterfalls along the way

Norway Day 5 (RTW#6): Trolltunga, Norway


  • At Trolltunga: A Day of Hiking

Norway Day 6 (RTW#7) Oslo, Norway: Vigelands Park/Trolltunga Fail



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