Wanderlust Wednesday: Videos and Recommendation by Country – Greece

Here are the videos by country from my three-month trip around the world. Enjoy the highlights and recommendations! Stay tuned for a new country each week.

This week’s Country: GREECE.


Greece Day 1 (RTW#24): White Palace: Rethymno, Crete, Greece – Travel Blog (RTW #24) 


Greece Day 2 (RTW#25): Elafonisi and Plakias Beach: Crete, Greece – Travel Blog (RTW #25) 


Greece Day 3 (RTW#26): Preveli Beach Cat Lady: Crete, Greece 


SANTORINI:unnamed-1 unnamed-3
Greece Day 3 (RTW#27): Sunsets and War on Street Gyros: Santorini, Greece 


  • Ferry from Crete to Santorini
  • Sunset in Imerovigli, Santorini

Greece Day 4 (RTW#28): Thira Sunset and Lucky Souvlakis: Santorini, Greece 


  • Birthday in Santorini
  • Recommendation: HIKE: The Scenic Route from Imerovigli to Thira: Slip on your favorite running shoes for this breathtaking, three-mile walk that offers the most spectacular, postcard-like views in all of Santorini.
  • Sunset and Happy Hour at V Lounge
  • Recommendation: Favorite Gyros: Lucky Souvlaki’s

Greece Day 5  (RTW#29): Sunset in Oia and Sickness in Santorini: Santorini, Greece 


  • Sunset in Oia
  • Sick in Greece
  • Recommendation: Seagull (Food and staff is nothing overly wonderful, but this little restaurant was tucked away from the crowds with a spectacular view)


Greece Day 6 (RTW#30): ATVs in Mykonos and Visiting Greece in October: Mykonos, Greece


  • Ferry from Santorini to Mykonos
  • Sunset in Old Town Mykonos
  • Recommendation: Rent ATV’s
  • Recommendation: October in Mykonos (Just into off-season)

Greece Day 7 (RTW#31) Panormos And Kiki’s Restaurant at Agios Sostis Beach: Mykonos, Greece

Greece Day 8 (RTW#31) Spent one day in Athens (Yes, I think one day is plenty) to see the must see spots, bruised my tailbone falling down the slippery stairs at the Acropolis, no video (sorry!) 😉

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