A Week in Greece: Full Summary

When I left my corporate job to feed my insatiable wanderlust with a three-month trip around the world, there was one non-negotiable stop: Greece. The bright-white cave homes on dramatic cliffs, sitting on the deep, crystal-blue waters had been calling my name for a long time. Here is how I chose to spend a week in Greece, with all the juicy recommendations and details.


Each Greek island posses its own form of beauty and charm. The natural palette of colors found on land and sea are uniquely vibrant and you simply cannot beat the mouth-watering food and the hospitality of the (charming) people.

First Stop: Crete. Greece’s Underrated Main Island.

Crete is a huge island and a must do for anyone who enjoys secluded, untouched beaches, amazing food, and a fascinating blend of Mediterranean cultures.

Where to stay: In the charming Venetian port town of Rethymno, The White Palace by Grecotel Resorts offers a five-star, luxury experience with unparalleled service, incredible Greek Cuisine, and rooms that open up to the sea.


Splurge a little at $900/night and go for a night swim in your private pool and have a glass of wine to watch the sunset from your private patio. How’s this for a room with a view?


Must hit beaches: Crete’s beaches are amongst the best in the world with a bonus – a great workout!

Elafonisi beach: Crete’s hottest beach.

At Elafonisi Beach you can find pink coral sand that meets the sparkling sea in a wide palette of gorgeous shades of blue.

Preveli Beach: Crete’s most beautiful and unique beach.

Tone that bikini bod by hiking twenty minutes down to the beach with “Santorini-like” views upon a steep cliff that overlooks the jade-colored river that runs through a dramatic gorge to meets with the endless, deep-blue ocean.


Where to eat and drink: Apostolis?. Two words: Chicken Souvlaki. Watch the vibrant sunset from the patio in the popular Venetian port of Chania while enjoying authentic Greek cuisine and a generous “on the house” serving of Greek Ouzo, grapes, and yogurt for dessert.


Next Stop: Santorini. Greece’s Most Famous Sunset.

The crisp light, caldera views, and colorful reflections off the white cave homes, makes Santorini’s sunset amongst the most famous in the world.
Here’s what you need to know about the top places to catch this incredible sunset.

Thira (Fira): Santorini’s hustling, main town.

Grab a mixed cocktail and one of the best cheese and meat plates at V Lounge for my favorite sunset spot in Santorini.unnamed-1

Oia, Notoriously Santorini’s most famous sunset spot.

Channel your city-girl moves to finagle your way to the edge of Oia where thousands gather for the famous sunset or tuck yourself into Seagull, which is a hidden restaurant on the cliff that offers incredible views of the bright, colorful sky reflecting off the gorgeous town.IMG_4796

Imerovigli: Santorini’s highest point.

Rent a luxury condo with a private balcony and be rewarded with jaw dropping views of the caldera, a view of both major cities sparkling at night, and two bodies of water on either side of the islet.unnamed-3

Last stop: Mykonos, Greece’s liveliest island.


Mykonos is famous for its summertime parties, incredible beaches, and down-to-earth, fun attitude. Hop onto an ATV for a fun and easy way to hit the many gorgeous beaches. With the wind blowing through your hair, you will be an expert on this tiny island in no time.

Agios Sostis Beach: This stunning beach has beautiful, soft rock formations and my favorite secret: the best restaurant in Mykonos, Kiki’s. Slip into this hidden, cash-only, local gem for the best baked feta and collection of homemade Greek dishes.IMG_4880

Kalo Livadi Beach: (We were originally supposed to stay here, but since we dipped into off-season in Mid-October, the resort closed a little early.) Iconic white cave homes and resorts casually line this serene beach where the light blue calm waters hit the light silky sand.

Caprice of Mykonos: Grab a drink at this sexy lounge has dim lighting, large hurricane candles, and large windows that bring you right out to the open water in Old Venice in the main town of Mykonos.

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