Ruth’s Raves: Epic Wipes

Let’s face it, like all good wanderers, sometimes our adventures lead us to places where showers aren’t an option. My favorite memory of this, was waking up under a glacier in the Andes Mountains while trekking to Machu Picchu.  It certainly was one of the most beautiful, untouched, remote spots that I had ever been to, but there was nothing like using ten-plus baby wipes to clean myself after a long day of trekking!

I recently was introduced to Epic Wipes, which are HUGE, spa-smelling, durable, towel-sized wipes that are tough enough to clean the dirtiest of wanderers so that you ready to take on the day. The first thing that I noticed when I took my individually wrapped Epic Wipe out, was that it was HUGE. I actually used it all over my body, before realizing that it was still folded in half! When I fully unfolded it, it was far larger than the upper-half of my body.  Second, it smelled AMAZING. The brilliant smell of eucalyptus had me feeling like I had just walked into a spa. Lastly, there was no residue and I felt fresh and clean after a dirty day of hiking.Epic-Wipes-Size-Chart.jpg

Major props to the founders for making a great product that allows you to wander to your heart’s content, while staying clean and healthy.  Added bonus, for the earth lovers, it’s 100% biodegradable.

Check out their kickstarter campaign and stock up for your next adventure!


*Transparency: This is an unsponsored post. I was however, given free wipes to test their awesomeness.

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