Countries Visited

Where I've Been

North America




South America

  • Ecuador
  • Galapagos Islands
  • Peru

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10 responses to “Countries Visited

    • Thank you so much Anthony! is the site that I used. I haven’t found a way to save it and build on it so you have to redo it each time to add countries, but it sure is fun to see where you’ve been on a map like that!

      * Update: I started using @BeenApp. You can update it on the fly and it saves in your phone/ipad, etc. I save the photo from the app and share it here! Hope that helps!


  1. Thanks for the map tip Ruth. I’m going to use on my blog as well. Great blog by the way! Seems we have a good bit in common. I may have even interviewed with GE about the same time. Ever considered an expat job? Helped me travel to some two dozen countries in a single year on four weeks of vacation as well. Looking forward to following your travels – maybe we will cross paths sometime. All the best and thanks again.


    • Hi Joel, Thank you so much. I’m so glad that you liked the map and my blog. Cannot wait to see your map when you post it! I’d love to consider an expat job. Where have you worked internationally? Your photos are amazing! Looking forward to following your travels as well and all the best to you!



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